Deadlift: The Best Compound Exercise For Overall Strength Gain

Every bodybuilder’s dream is to have the most perfect and powerful body. All the bodybuilders do the best compound exercise on the planet: Deadlift. It is the best and the most versatile exercise for strength gain and mass gain. This exercise works on 3 muscles. This is the reason why Deadlift is known as the king of all exercises. So, what muscles do deadlifts work on? You will be surprised how beneficial this exercise can be and you should include it in your daily workout routine.

What muscles do deadlifts work?

Upper Front Legs
Inner Thigh
Smaller Part of Your Calves
Upper back of legs
Bigger part of your Calves
Lower back
Upper Neck Muscles
Middle Neck Muscles
Muscles in Jaws & Shoulders
Upper Inner Back Muscles
Love Handles

Now that we know that which muscle group deadlift targets. We should also understand that form is very important in performing a deadlift. So, how to deadlift properly? And a proper straight leg deadlift form. Let’s learn.

How to deadlift properly?

How to Deadlift Properly?

Performing a deadlift with a proper form is as important as a fuel to a car. Without proper form, you will not get proper results and the risk of injuries will increase. Deadlifts have a learning curve. It takes a lot of time to learn how to deadlift properly. If you feel even a slight twinge in your back while performing a deadlift you should discontinue this exercise temporarily.

Your Stance

Stand with your mid-foot under the bar. Your shins should not touch the bar, yet while heels should be hip-width apart. The toes should point out at 15 degrees.

Grab the Bar

Now bend over and grab the bar without bending your knees. The grip should be shoulder width apart. Your arms should look vertical when you see them from the front.


After bending over, drop into position until your shins touch the bar. Do not let the bar move away from the position. If the bar moves from the position. Start from step one.

Lift Your Chest

Lift your chest to avoid rounding of your back. Don’t overdo the lifting of the chest because it will cause an unnecessary arch of the back which leads to injury. Keep your lower back neutral. Keep your shins touching the bar and your hips where they are.

Pulling Process

Take a deep breath, hold it, pull and stand up with the weight. Keep the bar in contact with your legs while you stand. Do NOT shrug the weight or lean back. Lock in your hips and knees.

Setting it down

While you are standing with the weight. Hold your breath. Set it down with your back neutral and exhale at the bottom and repeat the whole process.

How deadlifts change your body?

How deadlifts change your body?

It is a very energy-demanding exercise. But this exercise will change your body and make it strong. The deadlift affects your muscles in numerous ways because it is a functional exercise and will strengthen your muscles and decrease the risk of injury and back pain.

Stimulates Multiple Muscle Groups

A deadlift is a multiple joint compound exercise which works on every major muscle. The deadlift is the only exercise which can work on both lower body and upper body muscle group.

Increases Strength and Muscle Growth

The deadlift is the most effective exercise which helps in increasing strength and muscle growth. Compound exercises release more growth hormones and testosterone in comparison with other isolation exercises.

Fat Loss

Deadlifts are a high energy-demanding exercise. It can help in lowering the body fat percentage and increase the lean muscle tissue in both men and women. This exercise not only supports fat loss but also burns extra calories. Over time, it will rev up your metabolism and you will burn more calories throughout the day.

The deadlift is known as the king of compound exercise for a reason. All the benefits make it the favorite exercise of many famous bodybuilder and athletes. Deadlift should be a part of every powerlifters regime but should be performed with correct form.

Source: Muscle & Fitness, Stronglifts.

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