Best Ways To Take Care of Baby Kittens

If you do not know how to take care of baby kittens, this post is all you need to read. Kittens are juvenile cats that are totally dependent on their mother for survival. Baby kittens usually open their eyes after seven to ten days. Having kittens in a house is the most lively moment to experience. You need to take extra care for your kitten in the first 2 months if her mother is not around. This post will guide you to know how to take care of baby kittens:

  • Raising a kitten
  • Best Food For Kittens
  • Kitten First Vet Care

Raising A Kitten

1. Build A House For Your Baby Kittens

To understand how to take care of baby kittens this is a first step you need to focus. Build a house for your kitten where she can sleep instead of making her loiter all around the house to find one. Find a cardboard box, add small blanket or towel. Place the cardboard in a quiet place where she feels safe.

2. Socialize Your Kittens By Toys

You can use kitten toys for your kittens which will make them stay active. Teach them how to play with those toys. If you are not using any toys make sure you play with them regularly otherwise, they will be lazy and stressed out. Don’t let your kittens treat your hands or legs as a toy.

3. Leave Food

This is a must-do thing if you are raising a kitten. Newborn kitten does not need any food supplements for first 1 month, as they feed upon a kitten milk replacement. After 1 month you can get some kitten food through online or pet stores. Below are the best food for kittens you can choose to give.

Best Food For Kittens

You have to feed the kittens a milk replacement like Cimicat which can be purchased from vet clinic or pet stores. Listen! kitten adopters, best food for kittens is all you need to know. Following are the kitten food which can be given to kitten after they turn 1 month old.

  1. Canidae Life Stage Canned Cat Food For Kitten
  2. Evolve Kitten Turkey Formula
  3. Precise Feline Kitten Formula
  4. Avoderm Cat and Kitten Canned

Kitten First Vet Care

Plan a vet visit when your baby kittens turn 9 weeks old to have her first vaccination. This is the excellent time for you to visit a vet and examine her and start vaccination. The normal vaccine includes cat flu and infectious enteritis. Kitten first vet care is a crucial part that should not be ignored.

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