How to remove pet hair from your house: 6 easy ways

Yes, we know it’s frustrating to see your pet hair all over your house and not knowing what can be the best way to remove pet hair from your couch, carpet or clothes. So, read these six ways to remove pet hair:

Here’s the video of de-shedding gloves for your pet:

1. Vacuum your house

Vacuum your house and furniture often. Much of the pet hair on your clothes come from the furniture. When you sit on the furniture, the hair sticks to your clothes.

2. Sponge mop

Take a kitchen sponge mop and rub the carpet, couch or clothes with the sponge. The fur will roll-up into a bundle that can be picked by hand.

3. Wipe the area with your wet hand

If you don’t have regular kitchen sponge, you can use your hand instead. Soak your hand in a bowl of water and wipe the place in a downward motion. In this case, the hair will stick to your damp hand.

4. Use a sellotape

You can use a sellotape to remove pet hair from your couch. Simply, place the sticking part on the fur covered areas and peel it off. By doing this the pet hair will stick to the sellotape.

5. Rubber soles

Use the shoe with a rubber sole to remove pet hair from carpet. Drag your shoe along the carpet to collect all the hair. Lift the hair and bin it.

6. De-shedding gloves

Buy the best pet hair remover de-shedding gloves from online or store. Put on the gloves and place it on the fur covered areas. This will pull the hair off.

If you do not want your house with full of fur hair, groom your pet regularly. Make sure you have a best pet grooming glove that can be easily reached all the places hair hides, like behind their legs, under their chest, in their tail, and around their face. The silicone bristle de-shedding gloves will gently massage your pet, while their hair gets lifted away.

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