7 Ultimate Daily Fitness Apps To Lose Those Last 5Kgs

It’s 2017 and getting in shape is one of the biggest trends. When we talk about trends, people want to get fit in style by using the latest tech and what is better than mobile apps for flaunting your style and tech. But even after getting fit you are supposed to hit a plateau, where losing the last 5 kgs is hard. But with these Apps getting in shape and losing those last 5 kgs becomes a walk in the park. So, without further ado let’s introduce you to the best daily fitness apps to lose weight.

1. Exercise Guide-Health Fitness

If you are facing weight gain than this app is best suited for you. It provides an intensive guide to instantly lose weight. You need not have to use any weight to shell out your extra curve, just learn the simple guidelines through this app. Use Exercise Guide-Health Fitness app to get top trending exercise guide and lose the last stubborn 5 kgs.

  • Easy to use
  • Full video guide step by step
  • Better graphics

2. Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts

If you have this question, how to lose weight at home? Then this app developed by Lumowell- Ego360 is the answer. They have their own website which posts enormous articles and workout videos. Daily Cardio workouts allow you to lose weight, burn fat and have a toned body without equipment and weight at home. It has a premium version to give the complete guide to plan your meal for burning fat faster.


  • Premium version allows you to follow healthy diet, 5 full body cardio workout and get slim body quickly
  • Workout from low to high impact variation
  • Focus on slim toned body suitable for both women and men

3. 7 Minute Workout

The best apps for weight loss you were looking for is here. No. 1 app featured by Google play in over 19 countries in 2016. This app is scientifically proven to assist you in weight loss and improve cardiovascular function. This app has HCIT ( High-Intensity Circuit Training) which is the safest and most effective training to get healthier and improve your fitness and lose stubborn fat.


  • Voice guidance
  • Adjustable circuit time
  • Adjustable rest time
  • Workout log shows your complete workout time
  • Ability to pause the workout, and skip to the next or the previous exercise

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